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Open Pachyrhizus erosus
Pachyrhizus erosus

Native to Central America, jicama is now cultivated in every tropical corner of the globe. It is a popular vegetable in Mexico, as well as in

Open Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean

largest and deepest ocean, c.70,000,000 sq mi (181,300,000 sq km), occupying about one third of the earth's surface; named by the explorer Ferdinand

Open Pacifism

advocacy of opposition to war through individual or collective action against militarism. Although complete, enduring peace is the goal of all

Packard, David (1912 - 1996)

US engineer, entrepreneur-manager, government adviser, and philanthropist, who co-founded the Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) with university friend,

Packer, Kerry

Australian media proprietor, chair of Consolidated Press Holdings (CPH) 1974-1998. CPH, a privately-held company founded by Packer's father and the

Paderewski, Ignacy (1860 - 1941)

Polish pianist, composer, and politician. After his debut in Vienna in 1887, he became celebrated in Europe and the USA as an interpreter of the piano


( păd'yuə ), Ital. Padova, city (1991 pop. 215,137), capital of Padova prov., in Venetia, NE Italy, connected by canal with the Brenta, Adige, and Po

Paganini, Niccolò (1782 - 1840)

Italian violinist and composer. He was a concert soloist from the age of nine. A prodigious technician, he drew on folk and gypsy idioms to create the

Open Paganism

A form of spirituality generally characterized by a reverence for nature and a belief in the female divine principle in the form of a Goddess, as well

Paik, Nam June, 1932-2006

Korean composer, sculptor, and performance artist, regarded as the founder of video art . He lived in the USA from 1964. Originally part of the Fluxus