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Oakeshott, Michael, 1901-1990

Michael Oakeshott (1901–90) was one of the major political philosophers of the twentieth century. Since his death, there has been a tremendous growth

Oakley, Annie, 1860-1926

Annie Oakley was the first American high-profile female sharpshooter. In a time when women's place was most assuredly in the home, subordinate to the

Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-

Joyce Carol Oates (1938–) states in (Woman) Writer ( 1988 : 6) that writers are vampires of their own lives, so – as one might expect – her extensive

Open Obama, Barack (1961 - )
Obama, Barack (1961 - )

Few Americans have risen to prominence in American politics as quickly or as dramatically as Barack Hussein Obama, the forty-fourth president of the

O'Brian, Patrick, 1914-2000

1914–2000, British novelist, b. near London as Richard Patrick Russ. He changed his name in 1945 and after World War II settled in France. O'Brian's

O'Brien, Conor Cruise, 1917-2008

Irish politician, journalist, and historian. O'Brien entered the Department of External Affairs in 1944, and was a member of the Irish delegation to

O’Brien, Edna (Dec 15, 1930 - )

As the author of 16 novels, six collections of short stories, a dozen plays, and several works of nonfiction, Edna O'Brien is one of the most prolific

O'Casey, Sean, 1880-1964

Playwright. He was born in Dublin into a Protestant working-class family on 30 March 1880 and christened John Casey. The death of his father in 1886

Open Ochoa, Ellen (1958 - )
Ochoa, Ellen (1958 - )

b. 1958 Electrical Engineer, Astronaut Education: B.S., San Diego State University, 1980; M.S., Stanford University, 1981, Ph.D., electrical

Ochoa, Severo, 1905-1993

Spanish-born US biochemist who was awarded a Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1959 for the discovery of enzymes that catalyse the formation