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Open Oak

any tree or shrub of the genus Quercus of the family Fagaceae ( beech family). This complex genus includes as many as 600, found chiefly in north

Oakley, Annie, 1860-1926

Annie Oakley was the first American high-profile female sharpshooter. In a time when women's place was most assuredly in the home, subordinate to the

Open Oats

cereal plants of the genus Avena of the family Gramineae ( grass family). Most species are annuals of moist temperate regions. The early history of

Open oboe

( ō'bō, ō'boi ) [Ital., from Fr. hautbois] or hautboy ō'boi, hō'– , woodwind instrument of conical bore, its mouthpiece having a double reed. The

O'Casey, Sean, 1880-1964

Playwright. He was born in Dublin into a Protestant working-class family on 30 March 1880 and christened John Casey. The death of his father in 1886

Odets, Clifford, 1906-1963

US playwright. He was associated with the Group Theater and was the most renowned of the social-protest dramatists of the Depression era. His plays

Offenbach, Jacques, 1819-1880

French composer. He wrote light opera, initially for presentation at the Bouffes Parisiens. Among his works are Orphée aux enfers/Orpheus in the

Oil paint

Painting medium in which ground pigment (colour) is bound with oil, usually linseed. It has the advantage of being slow to dry and therefore

Open O'Keeffe, Georgia, 1887-1986
O'Keeffe, Georgia, 1887-1986

Painter Paintings include Evening Star (1917), Radiator Building—Night New York (1927) , Summerdays (1936), An Orchid (1941), Ladder to the Moon

Open Oktoberfest

Type of Holiday: Calendar /Seasonal, Historic Date of Observation: Second to last Saturday in September until the First Sunday in October Where