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Open Ocean wave power
Ocean wave power

Power obtained by harnessing the energy of water waves. Various schemes have been advanced since 1973 when oil prices rose dramatically and an energy

Open Ochoa, Ellen (1958 - )
Ochoa, Ellen (1958 - )

b. 1958 Electrical Engineer, Astronaut Education: B.S., San Diego State University, 1980; M.S., Stanford University, 1981, Ph.D., electrical

Open Octane number
Octane number

figure of merit representing the resistance of gasoline to premature detonation when exposed to heat and pressure in the combustion chamber of an

Olmsted, Frederick Law (1822 - 1903)

Frederick Law Olmsted, journalist, social critic, landscape architect, and city planner, was born on April 26, 1822, in Hartford, Connecticut. Olmsted

Open Online dating
Online dating

Cyberdating, or online dating, has come to be understood as the use of particular Websites to find people for romantic or sexual encounters or

Open source software

INTRODUCTION Free and open source software (F/OSS) is emerging as a promising alternative to proprietary software. The interest in F/OSS solutions is

Open orders of architecture
orders of architecture

In classical tyles of architecture the various columnar types fall, in general, into the five so-called classical orders, which are named Doric,