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vocal affirmation of the truth of one's statements, generally made by appealing to a deity. From the earliest days of human history, calling upon the

Open Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing
Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing

The 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is among the worst acts of domestic terrorism committed on U.S.


According to the strict definition, opiates are drugs derived from opium , and opioids are opiate-like substances either made in the body—the

Opioid abuse

Following an increase in the prevalence of chronic pain and campaigns denouncing inadequate treatment of pain, the past two decades have culminated in


ancient legal custom whereby an accused person was required to perform a test, the outcome of which decided the person's guilt or innocence. By an

Open organized crime
organized crime

criminal activities organized and coordinated on a national scale, often with international connections. The American tradition of daring desperadoes

Otis, James, 1725 - 1783

1725–83, American colonial political leader, b. Barnstable co., Mass. A lawyer first in Plymouth and then in Boston, he won great distinction and