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Oakeshott, Michael, 1901-1990

Michael Oakeshott (1901–90) was one of the major political philosophers of the twentieth century. Since his death, there has been a tremendous growth

Open Objectivism (Philosophy)
Objectivism (Philosophy)

Objectivism is the term that Ayn Rand coined to describe her system of ideas. The central themes of Objectivism are that individuals should regard

Ors y Rovira, Eugenio d’ (1882 - 1954)

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, this philosopher, art critic, essayist, and novelist wrote in Catalan, sometimes under the pseudonym of Xènius,

Ortega y Gasset, José (1883 - 1955)

Considered one of the most influential philosophers in the Hispanic world, this Spaniard is also internationally recognized for his worthy