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Open Oats

cereal plants of the genus Avena of the family Gramineae ( grass family). Most species are annuals of moist temperate regions. The early history of

Open Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Obsessions and the compulsive behaviors often associated with them are symptoms of an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Like many other mental

Occupational diseases

illness incurred because of the conditions or environment of employment. Unlike with accidents, some time usually elapses between exposure to the

Open ophthalmology

( ŏf´´thălmŏl'əjē ), branch of medicine specializing in the anatomy, function and diseases of the eye . Ophthalmologists specialize in the medical and


According to the strict definition, opiates are drugs derived from opium , and opioids are opiate-like substances either made in the body—the

Open Oral cancer
Oral cancer

Lesion on tongue, lip, and other areas in the mouth Oral cancer is cancer of the mouth. It is a common form of head and neck cancer.

Open Organic farming
Organic farming

Farming without the use of synthetic fertilizers (such as nitrates and phosphates) or pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides) or other

Open Organic food
Organic food

There is no one simple definition of organic foods. In the United States, 1 of 90 countries with organic food standards, regulations detailing organic


Medical speciality concerned with the correction of disease or damage in bones and joints. The first orthopaedic hospital was founded in 1780 at Orbe

Open osteoporosis

( ŏs´´tēō´´pərō'sĭs ), disorder in which the normal replenishment of old bone tissue is severely disrupted, resulting in weakened bones and increased