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Oahu (Hawaii)

Island of Hawaii, USA, in the North Pacific; the third-largest and most populated of the group; area 1,525 sq km/589 sq mi; population (2000) 876,200.

Oakland (Calif.)

Founded in 1852 and located in California's East Bay, Oakland is one of several cities incorporated in Alameda County. From the beginning, Oakland has

Open Ob River (Russia)
Ob River (Russia)

Major river in Asian Russia, flowing 3,380 km/2,100 mi from the Altai Mountains through the western Siberian Plain to the Gulf of Ob in the Kara Sea

Open Oceania

This vast island region is spread over a huge area of the Pacific Ocean, to the south of Southeast Asia. Australasia is made up of Australia, New

Open Ohio

Navigable river in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois; formed by confluence of Allegheny and Monongahela rivers at Pittsburgh, SW Pennsylvania,

Open Ohio River
Ohio River

The largest tributary, by volume, of the Mississippi River. The Ohio River, which is 981 miles long, begins in Pittsburgh at the confluence of the

Ohrid (Macedonia)

( ō'khrēd ), Ochrida, or Okhrida both: ŏ'krĭdə , town (1981 est. pop, 64,200), in Macedonia, on a rock above Lake Ohrid, on the Albanian border.

Open Okhotsk, Sea of
Okhotsk, Sea of

Pacific Ocean E4 Area 600,000 square miles (1.6 million square km) Maximum depth 11,063 ft (3,372 m) Inflows Sea of Japan/East Sea; Amur,

Okinawa Island (Japan)

( ō´´kĭnä'wä ), island (1990 pop. 1,222,458), 454 sq mi (1,176 sq km), W Pacific Ocean, SW of Kyushu; a part of Okinawa prefecture, Japan. It is the

Open Oklahoma

State in southern central USA, bordered to the south by Texas , to the west, at the extreme of the Oklahoma panhandle, by New Mexico , to the north by