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Open Occupy movement
Occupy movement

The Occupy movement is a protest movement focused on social and economic inequalities. Inspired by world events such as the Arab Spring, the Spanish

Open Odious Debts
Odious Debts

Odious debts are debts that have incurred so that the lent money has not served the needs of the local population, or so that the money has been used

Ogilvy, David, 1911-1999

English-born advertising copywriter and executive. In 1948 he founded the advertising agency that became Ogilvy & Mather in New York City. Ogilvy

Ohlin, Bertil, 1899-1979

Swedish economist and political leader. He shared the 1977 Nobel Prize for Economics with the English economist James Meade for contributions to the

Open Oil prices
Oil prices

1. Introduction 2. Microeconomic Foundation of the Price Elasticity of Demand and Its Estimation 3. Volatility of an Oil Price Change and

Open Oktoberfest

Type of Holiday: Calendar /Seasonal, Historic Date of Observation: Second to last Saturday in September until the First Sunday in October Where

Ōmae, Ken’ichi, 1943-

Japanese management strategist and former partner of McKinsey Consultants in Tokyo. He worked for Hitachi as a senior design engineer on Japan's

Onassis, Aristotle (1906 - 1975)

Greek shipping magnate who from 1932 built up one of the world's largest independent shipping lines. During the 1950s he was one of the first to

Open One-child policy (China)
One-child policy (China)

CHINA HAS THE highest population of any country in the world. Mid-2006 estimates set China’s population at just over 1.3 billion; its rate of natural

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

(OPEC), multinational organization (est. 1960, formally constituted 1961) that coordinates petroleum policies and economic aid among oil-producing