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Open Napster, Inc.
Napster, Inc.

In computing, a file-sharing system that operates over the Internet , created by Shawn Fanning in 1999. Although Napster could be used to share any

Open Narratives

“Narrative” appears in the English language in the sixteenth century first as designating a legal document (1537) “which contains a statement of


(National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), organization that sanctions American stock-car races, est. 1948. It held its first race in Daytona

Nauman, Bruce, 1941-

1941- ♦ US artist Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, he studied mathematics and art at Wisconsin University. In the 1960s he became a leading exponent of

Navratilova, Martina, 1956-

Czech tennis player who became a naturalized US citizen in 1981. The most outstanding woman player of the 1980s, she won 59 Grand Slam victories,

Open Negri, Pola, 1899-1987
Negri, Pola, 1899-1987

Pola Negri, one of the first European stars to be brought to America, was born into poverty in Poland after her father was sent to a Siberian prison

Open The Negro Leagues
The Negro Leagues

The Negro leagues, as they were commonly called, featured outstanding African American baseball players throughout approximately the first half of the

Nelson, Willie, 1933-

Willie Hugh Nelson is an American singer, songwriter, actor, author, and social activist. Much of his advocacy work involves green initiatives,

Open Neoclassicism (Art & Architecture)
Neoclassicism (Art & Architecture)

Movement in art, architecture, and design in Europe and North America about 1750–1850, characterized by a revival of classical Greek and Roman styles.

Open Nerds

A term of insult for someone thought odd or unprepossessing in some way, or lacking in social skills; also, someone with an obsessive and meticulous