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Open Narwhal

( när'wəl ), a small arctic whale , Monodon monoceros. The males of the species, and an occasional female, bear a single, tightly spiraled tusk that

National Forest System (U.S.)

In the USA, a tract of land reserved under federal law for the purposes of conserving wildlife and other natural resources, and providing areas for

Open Nature

The totality of physical things considered distinct from the influences, activities and constructions of humanity. It is a complex concept with

Nature and nurture

An ongoing debate in psychology about the etiology of traits and behavior. It inquires as to the influence of genetic inheritance (biological nature)

Neher, Erwin, 1944-

German cell physiologist who was awarded a Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1991 with Bert Sakmann for their discovery of how gatelike

Open Nematoda

( nĕm´´ətōd'ə ), phylum consisting of about 12,000 known species, and many more predicted species, of worms (commonly known as roundworms or


abstract The phylum Nematomorpha, the hairworms, occurs worldwide. All members are developmental parasites of aquatic or terrestrial invertebrates.

Open Nemertea

( nĕmərtĭn'ēə ), phylum of elongated, often flattened, marine Worms , sometimes called ribbon worms. There are 900 known species, ranging in size from

Open Nests

Place chosen or constructed by a bird or other animal for incubation of eggs, hibernation, and shelter. Nests vary enormously, from saucerlike hollows

Open Neurons

Elongated cell that transmits information rapidly between different parts of the body, the basic functional unit of the nervous system . Each nerve