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Open Narcissism

Narcissism in its extreme forms is considered a personality disorder. It is defined as a syndrome or combination of characteristics that includes the

Open Narcissus (Greek mythology)
Narcissus (Greek mythology)

The Greek myth of Narcissus, whose pride caused him to fall in love with his own reflection, has inspired artists and writers since the classical

Nation of Islam

Since the seventh century, Islamic culture has provided positive contributions to human efforts to expand knowledge. History records Muslims' notable

Open Nativity of Jesus
Nativity of Jesus

The Nativity of the Lord is the liturgical feast commemorating the coming in flesh (incarnation) of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity: God made

Open Natural Law
Natural Law

theory that some laws are basic and fundamental to human nature and are discoverable by human reason without reference to specific legislative

Open Natural theology
Natural theology

In Christianity, learning about God from creation, using reason alone. In Greek and Roman philosophy, it refers to discourse on the ‘divine’ nature of

Open Neith (Egyptian deity)
Neith (Egyptian deity)

The goddess Neith was represented as a woman wearing the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. She is primarily associated with her main cult center at Sais ( see

Open Nennius, active 796
Nennius, active 796

Nennius was a 9th-c. monk of Bangor, North Wales, and supposed author of the Historia Britonum , an early Welsh history containing the first

Open Neopaganism

Neo-paganism, or contemporary Paganism as many of its practitioners prefer to call it, is a loosely affiliated group of religions or spiritual paths

Open Nephthys (Egyptian deity)
Nephthys (Egyptian deity)

The goddess Nephthys is encountered most frequently in a funerary context, paired with her sister Isis. Her name, Nbt-Hwt, can be translated as "Lady