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Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1899-1977

Vladimir Nabokov is one of the most brilliant, original, and complex writers of the twentieth century. Though best known for his novels, he is the

Open Nader, Ralph
Nader, Ralph

US lawyer and consumer advocate. Called the ‘scourge of corporate morality’, he led many major consumer campaigns. His book Unsafe at Any Speed (1965)

Open Nahuatl language
Nahuatl language

PERHAPS 1,250,000 SPEAKERS OF NAHUA DIALECTS Mexico Nahuatl is the most important member of the Uto-Aztecan family, now believed by some to belong to

Open Naidu, Sarojini, 1879-1949
Naidu, Sarojini, 1879-1949

Sarojini Naidu, born on February 13, 1879, in Hyderabad, India, was the eldest daughter of Aghornath Chattopadhyaya, a scientist-philosopher, and

Open Narratives

“Narrative” appears in the English language in the sixteenth century first as designating a legal document (1537) “which contains a statement of

Navagero, Andrea, 1483-1529

Italian scholar, historian, poet, and diplomat. A central figure in Venetian public life, he edited Latin texts for the Aldine press, worked as

Open Nennius, active 796
Nennius, active 796

Nennius was a 9th-c. monk of Bangor, North Wales, and supposed author of the Historia Britonum , an early Welsh history containing the first

Open Neoclassicism (Art & Architecture)
Neoclassicism (Art & Architecture)

Movement in art, architecture, and design in Europe and North America about 1750–1850, characterized by a revival of classical Greek and Roman styles.

Neruda, Pablo, 1904-1973

( pä'blō nāru'ðä ), 1904–73, Chilean poet, diplomat, and Communist leader. He changed his original name, Ricardo Eliecer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto, so

Nevins, Allan, 1890-1971

1890–1971, American historian, b. Camp Point, Ill. After studying at the Univ. of Illinois, he followed a career in journalism until 1927. Teaching at