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Hominid of the Mid-Late Palaeolithic, named after the Neander Tal (valley) near Düsseldorf, Germany, where parts of a skeleton were found in 1856.

Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt, active 14th century B.C.

Nefertiti was the Great Wife of the Egyptian king Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) ), whom she seems to have married soon after his accession. Her origins

Open Neith (Egyptian deity)
Neith (Egyptian deity)

The goddess Neith was represented as a woman wearing the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. She is primarily associated with her main cult center at Sais ( see

Open Nennius, active 796
Nennius, active 796

Nennius was a 9th-c. monk of Bangor, North Wales, and supposed author of the Historia Britonum , an early Welsh history containing the first

Open Neoplatonism

( nē´´ōplā'tənĭzəm ), ancient mystical philosophy based on the doctrines of Plato . Considered the last of the great pagan philosophies, it was

Open Nephthys (Egyptian deity)
Nephthys (Egyptian deity)

The goddess Nephthys is encountered most frequently in a funerary context, paired with her sister Isis. Her name, Nbt-Hwt, can be translated as "Lady

Nero, Emperor of Rome, 37-68

Nero (37–68 CE ) was the fifth Roman emperor and the last representative of Rome's first imperial dynasty, the Julio-Claudians. His reputation for

Open Nike (Greek deity)
Nike (Greek deity)

Nike was the Greek goddess of victory. She was more a personification of victory than an actual character and consequently did not appear in stories.

Open Norns (Norse mythology)
Norns (Norse mythology)

Collective female spirits. Poets, especially in eddic verse, speak repeatedly of the judgment (dómr) or verdict (kvi ðr) of the norns, and this means

Open Nut (Egyptian deity)
Nut (Egyptian deity)

In ancient Egypt the goddess Nut was known as mother sky. Her body was both the day and the night sky, and the sun god traveled across and through her