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Open Nagasaki-shi (Japan)
Nagasaki-shi (Japan)

Industrial port (coal, iron, shipbuilding) on Nagasaki Bay, Kyushu Island, Japan, capital of Nagasaki prefecture; population (2014 est) 433,500.

Open Nagorno-Karabakh (Azerbaijan)
Nagorno-Karabakh (Azerbaijan)

Autonomous region of Azerbaijan ; area 4,400 sq km/1,700 sq mi; population (2006 est) 137,750 (95% Armenian, 5% minorities), the Christian Armenians

Nairobi (Kenya)

( nìrō'bē ), city (1996 pop. 3,000,000), capital of Kenya, S Kenya, in the E African highlands. Nairobi is Kenya's largest city and its

Najd (Saudi Arabia)

Region of central Arabia consisting chiefly of desert; area about 2,072,000 sq km/800,000 sq mi. Together with Hejaz it forms part of the kingdom of

Nancy (France)

( näNsē' ), city (1990 pop. 102,410), capital of Meurthe-et-Moselle dept., NE France, on the Meurthe River and the Marne-Rhine Canal. It is the

Nanjing (Jiangsu Sheng, China)

Inland port and capital of Jiangsu province, China, 270 km/165 mi northwest of Shanghai; population (2010) 7,165,300. It is a commercial and

Open Nantucket Island (Mass.)
Nantucket Island (Mass.)

This name identifies a county, an island , a town and a body of water , the Nantucket Sound . The island, approximately 120 km 2 , lies off the coast

Naples (Italy)

Industrial port and capital of Campania, Italy, on the Tyrrhenian Sea; population (2001 est) 993,400. Industries include shipbuilding,

Narvik (Norway)

Seaport in Nordland county on Ofot Fjord, north Norway; population (2007 est) 14,100. To secure the supply of iron ore mined in the region, Germany

Nashville (Tenn.)

Capital and river port of Tennessee , Davidson County, on the Cumberland River; population (2000 est) 545,500. It is a banking and commercial centre,