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MacKinnon, Catharine (1946 - )

Birth Date: October 7, 1946 Catharine Alice MacKinnon is a prominent legal scholar, feminist author, and political activist whose long-standing

MacMillan, Donald Baxter (1874 - 1970)

1874–1970, American arctic explorer, b. Provincetown, Mass., grad. Bowdoin College, 1898, and studied at Harvard. After a decade of teaching, he went


Publication brought out periodically, typically containing articles, essays, short stories, reviews, and illustrations. It is thought that the first

Open Mann, Horace (1796 - 1859)
Mann, Horace (1796 - 1859)

( măn ), 1796–1859, American educator, b. Franklin, Mass. He received a sparse preliminary schooling, but succeeded in entering Brown in the sophomore

Open Marsalis, Wynton (Oct 18, 1961 - )
Marsalis, Wynton (Oct 18, 1961 - )

( märsăl'ĭs ), 1961–, American trumpeter, bandleader, and composer, b. New Orleans. Born into a distinguished jazz family, he studied classical music

McCosh, James (1811 - 1894)

Born : 1811, Ayrshire, Scotland Died : 1895, Princeton, New Jersey, USA Nat : British Ints : History of psychology, philosophical psychology Appts

Open Mead, Margaret (1901 - 1978)
Mead, Margaret (1901 - 1978)

Place : United States of America Subject : biography, anthropology US anthropologist who established the practice of fieldwork in anthropology and -


MEDLINE stands for the Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online, an international database of life sciences and biomedical information.

Open Mentoring

Mentoring is an activity or relationship that occurs between two or more persons interested in advancing their knowledge, skills or position via a

Open Michelet, Jules (1798-1874)
Michelet, Jules (1798-1874)

( zhül mēshəlā' ), 1798–1874, French writer, the greatest historian of the romantic school. Born in Paris of poor parents, he visualized himself