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Maastricht Treaty

Treaty establishing the European Union (EU). Agreed in 1991 and signed in 1992, the treaty took effect on 1 November 1993 following ratification by

Open Maat (Egyptian deity)
Maat (Egyptian deity)

Maat was the goddess of cosmic order or balance, as well as truth. She was the foundation of Egyptian religion ( see Religion, Pharaonic Egypt ),


One of Shakespeare's later tragedies ( see tragedy ), Macbeth was probably written in 1606, the year after the Gunpowder Plot (a failed attempt to

Open Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

( mä'chu pēk'chu ), Inca site in Peru, about 50 mi (80 km) NW of Cuzco. It is perched high upon a rock in a narrow saddle between two sharp mountain

Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary, written by Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880), tells the story of a provincial married woman who takes two lovers, signs promissory notes to

Open Maeterlinck, Maurice (1862 - 1949)
Maeterlinck, Maurice (1862 - 1949)

Belgian poet and dramatist. His plays include Pelléas et Mélisande (1892) (on which Debussy based his opera), L'Oiseau bleu/The Blue Bird (1908), and

Open Mafia

Secret society reputed to control organized crime such as gambling, loansharking, drug traffic, prostitution, and protection; connected with the

Magellan, Ferdinand (c. 1480 - 1521)

Ferdinand Magellan, or in Portuguese, Fernão de Magalhães, is well known as the first navigator whose ships circumnavigated the globe (Figure 1).

Magna Carta

or Magna Charta [Lat., = great charter], the most famous document of British constitutional history, issued by King John at Runnymede under compulsion

Mahler, Herbert (1890 - 1961)

Canadian-born US labour organizer and radical. In the state of Washington he joined the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), serving as secretary