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Josef Mengele

Mengele was a German physician who performed medical experiments on prisoners. Josef Mengele was born on March 16, 1911 in Gunzburg, Bavaria. He began


( mäs'trĭkht´´ ), city (1994 pop. 118,102), capital of Limburg prov., SE Netherlands, on the Maas (Meuse) River and on the Albert Canal system. It is

Maastricht Treaty

Treaty establishing the European Union (EU). Agreed in 1991 and signed in 1992, the treaty took effect on 1 November 1993 following ratification by

Open Maat (Egyptian deity)
Maat (Egyptian deity)

Maat was the goddess of cosmic order or balance, as well as truth. She was the foundation of Egyptian religion ( see Religion, Pharaonic Egypt ),

Maathai, Wangari

Wangari Muta Maathai, founder of the Green Belt Movement, is an activist for environmental conservation, democracy, and women's rights; a professor;


( măbĭnō'gēən ), title given to a collection of medieval Welsh stories. Scholars differ as to the meaning of the word mabinogion: some think it to be

Macadamia nut

Native to Australia, the macadamia tree is now cultivated in other countries including Hawaii and South Africa—a rare example of a native


( məkou' ), Port. Macau, Mandarin Aomen, special administrative region of China, formerly administered by Portugal (2005 est. pop. 449,000), 10.8 sq

Open macaque

( məkäk' ), name for Old World monkeys of the genus Macaca, related to mangabeys, mandrills, and baboons. All but one of the 19 species are found in

Open Macarthur, Douglas (1880 - 1964)
Macarthur, Douglas (1880 - 1964)

1880–1964, American general, b. Little Rock, Ark.; son of Arthur MacArthur . MacArthur was reared on army posts and attended military school in Texas.