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Lacan, Jacques (1901 - 1981)

Jacques Lacan (1901-1981) was a French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who had a deep influence on philosophy, literary theory, and anthropology. One

Ladd-Franklin, Christine (1847 - 1930)

1847–1930 Psychologist Education: A.B., mathematics, Vassar College, 1869; Ph.D., mathematics, Johns Hopkins University, 1926; University of

Open La Follette, Robert M. (Robert Marion), 1855-1925
La Follette, Robert M. (Robert Marion), 1855-1925

1855-1925 Progressive Reformer: U.S. Representative, Governor, Senator, and Presidential Candidate As U.S. representative from 1885 to 1891, governor

La Fontaine, Jean (1621 - 1695)

( zhäN də ), 1621–95, French poet, whose celebrated fables place him among the masters of world literature. He was born at Château-Thierry to a

Open Lagerlöf, Selma (1859 - 1940)
Lagerlöf, Selma (1859 - 1940)

Swedish novelist. Her first work was the romantic historical novel Gösta Berling's saga/The Story of Göst Berling (1891). The children's fantasy Nils

Lagos Escobar, Ricardo (1938 - )

Chilean centre-left economist and politician, president 2000–06. A leading opposition figure during General Augusto Pinochet 's 1974–90 military

Lagrange, Joseph (1736 - 1813)

( zhôzĕf' lwē kôNt lägräNzh' ), 1736–1813, French mathematician and astronomer, b. Turin, of French and Italian descent. Before the age of 20 he was

La Guardia, Fiorello (1882 - 1947)

Fiorello Henry La Guardia (1882–1947) was the 99th mayor of New York City (1934–45). He reorganized the police force and restored trust in a municipal

Lakatos, Imre (1922 - 1974)

As a participant in the influential philosophy-of-science debates of the 1960s and 1970s, mostly surrounding Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific

Laker, Freddie

English airline entrepreneur and founder of Laker Airways. Laker pioneered cheap transatlantic travel with his ‘Skytrain’ service. Its collapse in