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ladybird beetle

or ladybug, member of a cosmopolitan beetle family with over 4,000 species, including 350 species in the United States. Ladybird beetles are mostly

Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet (1744 - 1829)

( zhäN bätēst' pyĕr äNtwän'də mônā', shəvälyā' də lämärk' ), 1744–1829, French naturalist. He is noted for his study and classification of

Open lamprey

name for several primitive marine and freshwater jawless fishes of the order Petromyzontiformes. As in the other jawless fish, the hagfish , the adult


name for small, fishlike lower chordate (see Chordata ), also called amphioxus; it shows many affinities with the vertebrates. There are about 30

Landsteiner, Karl (1868 - 1943)

Abstract (1868-1943) Austrian-American pathologist and immunologist who discovered the human blood groups. keywords ABO blood groups hapten azoprotein

Open Larynx

( lâr'ĭngks ), organ of voice in mammals. Commonly known as the voice box, the larynx is a tubular chamber about 2 in. (5 cm) high, consisting of

Open Lavenders

( Lavandula Species) In ancient Greece and Rome, lavender was an antiseptic and a fragrance for baths and cleansing agents. The ancient Egyptians used

Open Lavoisier, Antoine (1743 - 1794)
Lavoisier, Antoine (1743 - 1794)

( äNtwän' lōräN' lävwäzyā' ), 1743–94, French chemist and physicist, a founder of modern chemistry. He studied under eminent men of his day, won early

Open Lead Poisoning
Lead Poisoning

or plumbism plŭm'bĭz´´əm , intoxication of the system by organic compounds containing lead . These enter the body by respiration (of dust, fumes, or


Leafhoppers are small jumping insects from the family Cicadellidae in the order Hemiptera. They are about 2–30 mm long. The life cycle includes eggs,