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ladybird beetle

or ladybug, member of a cosmopolitan beetle family with over 4,000 species, including 350 species in the United States. Ladybird beetles are mostly

Open Lagoons

A lagoon is a shallow stretch of coastal water that is completely or partly separated from the open sea by a narrow strip of land, usually formed by

Lagrange, Joseph (1736 - 1813)

( zhôzĕf' lwē kôNt lägräNzh' ), 1736–1813, French mathematician and astronomer, b. Turin, of French and Italian descent. Before the age of 20 he was

Lakatos, Imre (1922 - 1974)

As a participant in the influential philosophy-of-science debates of the 1960s and 1970s, mostly surrounding Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific

Lalande, (Joseph) Jérôme Le François (1732 - 1807)

French astronomer. He observed the transit of Venus and helped to calculate the size of the Solar System. He compiled a catalogue of 47,000 stars.

Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet (1744 - 1829)

( zhäN bätēst' pyĕr äNtwän'də mônā', shəvälyā' də lämärk' ), 1744–1829, French naturalist. He is noted for his study and classification of

Open lamprey

name for several primitive marine and freshwater jawless fishes of the order Petromyzontiformes. As in the other jawless fish, the hagfish , the adult


name for small, fishlike lower chordate (see Chordata ), also called amphioxus; it shows many affinities with the vertebrates. There are about 30

Landau, Lev Davidovich (1908 - 1968)

Russian theoretical physicist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1962 for his theories of condensed matter, especially liquid helium.

Open landfill site
landfill site

Any site where waste materials are disposed of by burial. Essentially large holes in the ground, they are used primarily for dumping household and