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Buddhism of Tibet, Mongolia, and parts of Nepal and northern India; a form of Mahāyāna Buddhism. Buddhism was introduced into Tibet in AD 640, but the


( lăn'frăngk ), d. 1089, Italian churchman and theologian, archbishop of Canterbury (1070–89), b. Pavia. At first educated in civil law, he turned to

Open Laocoön (Legendary character)
Laocoön (Legendary character)

Laocoon, a priest to either Apollo or Poseidon, figured prominently in the fall of Troy as the voice of caution whose efforts were frustrated by both

Open Laud, William (1573 - 1645)
Laud, William (1573 - 1645)

1573–1645, archbishop of Canterbury (1633–45). He studied at St. John's College, Oxford, and was ordained a priest in 1601. From the beginning Laud

Laval, François Xavier de (1623 - 1708)

( fräNswä' zävyā' də läväl' ), 1623–1708, French prelate in Canada, first bishop of Quebec. Of noble family (his family name in full was


Traditional or undocumented genre of story about famous people, commonly religious in character and frequently posing problems of authenticity.

Open Lent

For six weeks preceding Easter, Christians have customarily undergone a time of penitential prayer, fasting, and almsgiving to prepare for the


The name of a monster of the waters. In Job 41:1 and Psalm 74:14 it appears to refer to a crocodile, in Psalm 104:26 it is probably a whale and in

Open Liberation Theology
Liberation Theology

Christian theory of Jesus' prime role as the ‘Liberator’, a representative of the poor and devoted to freeing them from oppression. Enthusiastically

Liturgical worship

In the Christian religion, acts of public worship set out in an authorized liturgy , or pattern of service. Liturgies are often very formal,