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solution of film-forming materials, natural or synthetic, usually applied as an ornamental or protective coating. Quick-drying synthetic lacquers are


( lā'shēəm ), Ital. Lazio, region (1990 pop. 5,170,672), 6,642 sq mi (17,203 sq km), central Italy, extending from the Apennines westward to the

Open Learning and scholarship
Learning and scholarship

The word has now a rather old-fashioned ring, at least in its general application. In its secondary (but widely used) sense, it denotes a special,

Open Legion

large unit of the Roman army. It came into prominence c.400 B.C. It originally consisted of 3,000 to 4,000 men drawn into eight ranks: the first six

Leiv Eiriksson, -approximately 1020

( lēf ĕr'ĭksən ), Old Norse Leifr Eiriksson, fl. A.D. 999–1000, Norse discoverer of America, b. probably in Iceland; son of Eric the Red . He spent


in botany, small shrublike tree (Citrus aurantifolia) of the family Rutaceae ( rue family), one of the citrus fruit trees, similar to the lemon but

Open Livy

(Titus Livius) lĭv'ē , 59 B.C.–A.D. 17, Roman historian, b. Patavium (Padua), probably of noble family. He lived most of his life in Rome. The breadth

Open Loki (Norse mythology)
Loki (Norse mythology)

Loki's nature . Loki (‘allure’ or ‘fire’; also known as Loder, Loke, Lokkju, Lopter and Lopti; German Loge), in Nordic myth, was both the oldest and


( lŏm'bərdz, –bärdz ), ancient Germanic people. By the 1st cent. A.D. the Lombards were settled along the lower Elbe. After obscure migrations they

Open Lord's Supper
Lord's Supper

Chief Christian sacrament, in which bread is eaten and wine drunk in memory of the death of Jesus. Other names for it are the Lord's Supper ; Holy