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Open Labor Union
Labor Union

association of workers for the purpose of improving their economic status and working conditions through collective bargaining with employers.

Labour Party

British political party, one of the two dominant parties in Great Britain since World War I. The Labour party was founded in 1900 after several

L'Académie française

( L'Académie française ), learned society of France. It is one of the five societies of the Institut de France . The origins of the academy were in a


solution of film-forming materials, natural or synthetic, usually applied as an ornamental or protective coating. Quick-drying synthetic lacquers are

Open Lagerlöf, Selma (1859 - 1940)
Lagerlöf, Selma (1859 - 1940)

Swedish novelist. Her first work was the romantic historical novel Gösta Berling's saga/The Story of Göst Berling (1891). The children's fantasy Nils


Chief port and former capital of Nigeria, located at the western end of an island in a lagoon and linked by bridges with the mainland via Iddo Island;

Lagos Escobar, Ricardo (1938 - )

Chilean centre-left economist and politician, president 2000–06. A leading opposition figure during General Augusto Pinochet 's 1974–90 military


( lăn'frăngk ), d. 1089, Italian churchman and theologian, archbishop of Canterbury (1070–89), b. Pavia. At first educated in civil law, he turned to

Open La Salle, Robert Cavelier, sieur de (1643 - 1687)
La Salle, Robert Cavelier, sieur de (1643 - 1687)

Birth Date: November 21, 1643 Death Date: March 1687 French military officer, explorer of North America, and diplomat. Born on November 21, 1643, in

Open Lascaux Cave (France)
Lascaux Cave (France)

Lascaux Cave, like many archaeological sites, was discovered by chance. Four young boys stumbled across the cave in 1940 in southern France near the