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Open Kahlo, Frida
Kahlo, Frida

Although she was born on July 6, 1907, in Coyoacán, the historic suburb of Mexico City, Frida Kahlo publicly declared her birth date 1910 so that she


( kəlì'dəskōp ), optical instrument that uses mirrors to produce changing symmetrical patterns. Invented by the Scottish physicist Sir David Brewster

Kandinsky, Wassily, 1866-1944

One of the founding fathers of abstract painting, Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow, the son of a tea merchant. Kandinsky was drawn to the artistic

Kanin, Garson, 1912-1999

US playwright/screenwriter, stage/film director, and author. In Hollywood from 1938 he directed several films; during World War II he made documentary

Kasparov, G. K. (Garri Kimovich)

( kəspär'ôf, –ŏf ), 1963–, Armenian chess player, b. Azerbaijan (then in the USSR) as Garik Kimovich Wainshtein. He became the world junior champion

Open Katsushika, Hokusai, 1760-1849
Katsushika, Hokusai, 1760-1849

Japanese artist. He was the leading printmaker of his time and a major exponent of ukiyo-e . He published Fugaku sanjū-rokkei/36 Views of Mount Fuji (

Open Katz, Alex, 1927-
Katz, Alex, 1927-

Although painting from nature in a representational fashion, Alex Katz utilized oversized canvases and focused on style first then on subject in an

Kaufman, George (1889 - 1961)

( kôf'mən ), 1889–1961, American dramatist and journalist, b. Pittsburgh as George Kaufman. As a drama critic for various New York newspapers he was

Open Kayaks

Kayaks were first developed by the Inuit people of Greenland , the Aleutian Islands and the Arctic Circle. Each area developed distinct styles that

Kaye, Danny

A madcap entertainer, Kaye was known for his tongue-twisters and his rubber-faced mimicry. Though his greatest success was in Hollywood, his