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Open Kalevala

Kalevala ('land of heroes', that is, Finland) is an epic poem first published in 1835 and brought out complete (at 22,800 lines long) in 1849. Its

Open Khepri (Egyptian deity)
Khepri (Egyptian deity)

The Heliopolitan cult of the sun features the beetle deity Khepry, who represents the morning aspect of the sun god, as the solar disc rises in the

Open Khnum (Egyptian deity)
Khnum (Egyptian deity)

Khnum, whose name means unite, join, or build, was the ancient Egyptian god of fertility. He was depicted in semi-anthropomorphic form as a ram-headed

Open Khonsu (Egyptian deity)
Khonsu (Egyptian deity)

The ancient African lunar deity, Khonsu, was the divine child of Amen-Ra and Mut during the new kingdom. He was the son of Het-Heru and Sobek at Kom