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borecole bôr'kōl , and collards, common names for nonheading, hardy types of cabbage (var. acephala and sometimes others), with thick stems and curly


A kame is an ice contact glaciofluvial landform. It is composed of sediment deposited by water in contact with glacier ice either at the side of, or

Open Kangaroo

name for a variety of hopping marsupials , or pouched mammals, of the family Macropodidae, found in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. The term is

Open kangaroo rat
kangaroo rat

small, jumping desert rodent, genus Dipodomys, related to the pocket mouse . There are about 20 kangaroo rat species, found throughout the arid

Kapitza, Peter Leonidovich (1894 - 1984)

Soviet physicist who shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1978 for his work on magnetism and low-temperature physics. He worked on the superfluidity

Open Karst

Karst (in German) topography is the name for the many landforms that developed on the surface and within soluble rocks as caves and other forms

Kendall, Henry (1926 - 1999)

US physicist whose research into the collision of high-energy electrons with protons and neutrons was important in developing the quark model of

Open Kepler, Johannes (1571 - 1630)
Kepler, Johannes (1571 - 1630)

Place: Germany Subject : biography, astronomy German astronomer who combined great mathematical skills with patience and an almost mystical sense of

Open Kepler's Laws
Kepler's Laws

three mathematical statements formulated by the German astronomer Johannes Kepler that accurately describe the revolutions of the planets around the

Ketterle, Wolfgang (1957 - )

German physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2001, shared with US physicists Eric A Cornell and Carl E Wieman, for his study of