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A Jewish mystical tradition based on an esoteric interpretation of the Old Testament and other texts, or a system which incorporates kabbalistic

Open Kempis, Thomas à (c. 1380 - 1471)
Kempis, Thomas à (c. 1380 - 1471)

Thomas à Kempis, monk and renowned ascetical writer, was born to a poor family in Kempen, near Düsseldorf (modern-day Germany). He is widely believed


The order or community of the Sikhs, created by Guru Gobind Singh at the festival of Baisakhi Mela in 1699. The Khalsa was originally founded as a

Open Khepri (Egyptian deity)
Khepri (Egyptian deity)

The Heliopolitan cult of the sun features the beetle deity Khepry, who represents the morning aspect of the sun god, as the solar disc rises in the

Open Khnum (Egyptian deity)
Khnum (Egyptian deity)

Khnum, whose name means unite, join, or build, was the ancient Egyptian god of fertility. He was depicted in semi-anthropomorphic form as a ram-headed

Open Khonsu (Egyptian deity)
Khonsu (Egyptian deity)

The ancient African lunar deity, Khonsu, was the divine child of Amen-Ra and Mut during the new kingdom. He was the son of Het-Heru and Sobek at Kom

Open Kingsley, Charles (1819 - 1875)
Kingsley, Charles (1819 - 1875)

English author. A rector, he was known as the ‘Chartist clergyman’ because of such social novels as Yeast (1848) and Alton Locke (1850). His

Knox, John (1514 - 1572)

1514?–1572, Scottish religious reformer, founder of Scottish Presbyterianism . Little is recorded of his life before 1545. He probably attended St.

Open Koran

1. The Qur'an (in Ar., al-Qur'ān ) is the sacred book of Islam. For Muslim believers, it is the word of the one God, Allah, revealed to the Prophet →

Open Kosher

Conforming to religious law with regard to the preparation and consumption of food; in Judaism, conforming to the food laws ( kashrut ) of the Torah