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Kantorovich, Leonid (Vitalyevich) (Jan 19, 1912 - Apr 7, 1986)

Soviet mathematical economist who shared the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1975 with Dutch-born US economist Tjalling Koopmans for the independent

Open Kepler, Johannes (1571 - 1630)
Kepler, Johannes (1571 - 1630)

Place: Germany Subject : biography, astronomy German astronomer who combined great mathematical skills with patience and an almost mystical sense of

Open Khayyám, Omar (c. 1034-c. 1130)
Khayyám, Omar (c. 1034-c. 1130)

( ō'mär kìäm' ), fl. 11th cent., Persian poet and mathematician, b. Nishapur. He was called Khayyam [tentmaker] probably because of his father's

Koopmans, Tjalling (1910 - 1985)

Dutch-born US economist who won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1975 for his work on ‘linear programming’ or ‘activity analysis’, sharing the prize