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Kafka, Franz (1883 - 1924)

1883-1924 Austrian novelist Born of German-Jewish parents in Prague, he graduated in law there, and although overwhelmed by a desire to write, found

Open Kalevala

Kalevala ('land of heroes', that is, Finland) is an epic poem first published in 1835 and brought out complete (at 22,800 lines long) in 1849. Its

Open Kālidāsa (5th century AD)
Kālidāsa (5th century AD)

( kä´´lĭdä'sə ), fl. 5th cent.?, Indian dramatist and poet. He is regarded as the greatest figure in classical Sanskrit literature. Except that he was

Kanin, Garson, 1912-1999

US playwright/screenwriter, stage/film director, and author. In Hollywood from 1938 he directed several films; during World War II he made documentary

Open Kannada language
Kannada language

27,000,000 SPEAKERS India Kannada (Canarese, to give its older English name) belongs to the DRAVIDIAN LANGUAGES of southern India. It is the state

Kaufman, George (1889 - 1961)

( kôf'mən ), 1889–1961, American dramatist and journalist, b. Pittsburgh as George Kaufman. As a drama critic for various New York newspapers he was

Open Kawabata, Yasunari (1899 - 1972)
Kawabata, Yasunari (1899 - 1972)

( yäsunä'rē käwä'bätä ), 1899–1972, Japanese novelist. His first major work was The Izu Dancer, (1925). He came to be a leader of the school of

Kazan, Elia

Elia Kazan gained a reputation for being an actor's director over the course of a stunningly successful career, both on Broadway and in Hollywood. His

Open Kazantzákis, Níkos (1883 - 1957)
Kazantzákis, Níkos (1883 - 1957)

( nē'kôs kä´´zändzä'kēs ), 1883?–1957, Greek writer, b. Crete. After obtaining a law degree he studied philosophy under Henri Bergson in Paris and

Open Keller, Helen (1880 - 1968)
Keller, Helen (1880 - 1968)

C redit : Associated Press I n 2009 a bronze statue of Helen Keller was unveiled at the US Capitol. The statue shows the blind Keller standing at a