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Open Khepri (Egyptian deity)
Khepri (Egyptian deity)

The Heliopolitan cult of the sun features the beetle deity Khepry, who represents the morning aspect of the sun god, as the solar disc rises in the

Khmer empire

( kəmĕr' ), ancient kingdom of SE Asia. In the 6th cent. the Cambodians, or Khmers, established an empire roughly corresponding to modern Cambodia and

Open Khnum (Egyptian deity)
Khnum (Egyptian deity)

Khnum, whose name means unite, join, or build, was the ancient Egyptian god of fertility. He was depicted in semi-anthropomorphic form as a ram-headed

Open Khonsu (Egyptian deity)
Khonsu (Egyptian deity)

The ancient African lunar deity, Khonsu, was the divine child of Amen-Ra and Mut during the new kingdom. He was the son of Het-Heru and Sobek at Kom

Open Knossos (Extinct city)
Knossos (Extinct city)

Knossos is situated on a low hill in the fertile valley of the Kairatos River, 5 km southeast of Heraklion. The first excavations were undertaken in

Open Koran

1. The Qur'an (in Ar., al-Qur'ān ) is the sacred book of Islam. For Muslim believers, it is the word of the one God, Allah, revealed to the Prophet →


Cush Kingdom was an ancient African kingdom, located in present-day Egypt, that lasted two thousand years. The Kingdom of Cush (Kush, Nubia) lay along