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Kaposi's Sarcoma

( käp'əshē´´, kəpō'sē ), a usually fatal cancer that was considered rare until its appearance in AIDS patients. First described by an Austro-Hungarian

Open kidney

In vertebrates, one of a pair of organs responsible for fluid regulation, excretion of waste products, and maintaining the ionic composition of the

Open Kidney cancer
Kidney cancer

What Is It? The kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped, fist-sized organs below the rib cage in the back of the abdomen. One sits on each side of the

Open Kidney disease
Kidney disease

The bean-shaped kidneys, which are roughly the size of a human fist, lie on either side of the body in the middle of the back, just beneath the rib

Open knee

Joint between the thigh and lower leg, involving articular surfaces on the femur (thigh bone), tibia (shin-bone), and patella (knee-cap). The movement