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Kaldor, Nicholas (1908 - 1986)

Hungarian-born British economist and special adviser 1964–68 and 1974–76 to the UK government. Kaldor was a firm believer in long-term capital gains

Kamprad, Ingvar (1926 - )

Swedish entrepreneur and founder of IKEA, which has become the world's largest furniture retailer. IKEA caught the mood of the 1990s with its

Kantorovich, Leonid (Vitalyevich) (Jan 19, 1912 - Apr 7, 1986)

Soviet mathematical economist who shared the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1975 with Dutch-born US economist Tjalling Koopmans for the independent

Kelly, Ruth (1968 - )

British Labour politician, secretary of state for transport 2007–08. A member of Parliament for Bolton West from 1997, she became a cabinet minister

Open Keynes, John Maynard (1883 - 1946)
Keynes, John Maynard (1883 - 1946)

Born: June 5, 1883, in Cambridge, England; Died: April 21, 1946, in Firle, Sussex, England; English; macroeconomic theory; Major Works: The Economic

Keynes, John Neville (1852 - 1949)

John Neville Keynes was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire on 31 August 1852 and died in Cambridge on 15 November 1949. The only son of John Keynes and his

Open King Cotton
King Cotton

The South's fortunes were inextricably linked to cotton, the region's principal cash crop and the mainstay of its economy. In 1855 David Christy

Klein, Calvin (Richard) (Nov 19, 1942 - )

US fashion designer, founder of Calvin Klein Inc., who became known for his simple clothing lines and perfume items. He founded the company in 1968,

Klein, Lawrence R. (Lawrence Robert), 1920-2013

US economist. Klein was a leading figure in the golden period of econometric model-building, especially the big econometric model with hundreds of

Kluge, John Werner, 1914-2010

German-born US businessman and philanthropist. After the war he worked as an executive with radio broadcasting companies, and also began investing in