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Open Jason (Greek mythology)
Jason (Greek mythology)

The hero who captained the Argo on the quest for the GOLDEN FLEECE . He was the son of AESON and Alcimede (or Polymede). In the usual version of the

Open Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

1. Jesus was a Jewish preacher and healer appearing in Galilee (in today's Israel), especially in the region of Lake Gennesaret. His biography is

Open John Chrysostom, Saint, -407
John Chrysostom, Saint, -407

John, better known by his title “Chrysostom,” was born in Antioch (modern Antakya, Turkey). Having spent his early years as a student of rhetoric,

Open Jurassic period
Jurassic period

( jərăs'ĭk ) [from the Jura Mts.], second period of the Mesozoic era of geologic time, lasting from 213 to 144 million years ago. At the start of the

Justinian I

( jŭstĭn'ēən ), 483–565, Byzantine emperor (527–65), nephew and successor of Justin I . He was responsible for much imperial policy during his uncle's