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The eponymous central figure of a strange, almost nonsensical poem in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass (1871). It contains many significant

Jackson, Shirley, 1916-1965

An unsparing, even fierce, social critic; a densely allusive satirist; and a writer whose fictions draw on thorough study, both of English literature

Open Jacobins

The Jacobins, also known as the Jacobin Club or the Society of the Friends of the Constitution, were the most radical group of the French Revolution

Open Jaffa

( jăf'ə, yä'fä ), Heb. Yafo, part of Tel Aviv , W central Israel, on the Mediterranean Sea. Originally a Phoenician city, Jaffa has been historically

James I, King of England, 1566-1625

James Stuart was the son of Mary Stuart , Queen of Scots, and her second husband, Henry Stuart , Lord Darnley. James was only a year old in 1567 when

Open Jamestown (Va.)
Jamestown (Va.)

Capital of Virginia 1607-1699 Jamestown was the first successful English settlement in North America and the seat of colonial government in Virginia

Jane Eyre

A novel by Charlotte Bronte , published in 1847. An orphan living with her unpleasant aunt, Mrs Reed, and cousins, Jane is too independent-minded to

Open Japanese American internment
Japanese American internment

The Japanese American internment consisted of the relocation and incarceration of more than 110,000 persons during World War II. It is one of the most

Open Jason (Greek mythology)
Jason (Greek mythology)

The hero who captained the Argo on the quest for the GOLDEN FLEECE . He was the son of AESON and Alcimede (or Polymede). In the usual version of the

Open Javanese

The largest ethnic group in the Republic of Indonesia. There are more than 50 million speakers of Javanese, which belongs to the western branch of the