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Open Jackson (Miss.)
Jackson (Miss.)

Largest city and state capital of Mississippi , USA, on the Pearl River, in the central part of the state, 70 km/43 mi east of Vicksburg; seat of


1 City (1990 pop. 29,101), Pulaski co., central Ark., inc. 1941. The city has varied industries, including printing and publishing and the manufacture

Open Jaffa

( jăf'ə, yä'fä ), Heb. Yafo, part of Tel Aviv , W central Israel, on the Mediterranean Sea. Originally a Phoenician city, Jaffa has been historically

Open Jaipur (India)
Jaipur (India)

( jì'pʊr ), former native state, W India. It is now part of Rajasthan state. The region of Jaipur is semiarid and mostly level, with scattered rocky


Capital of Indonesia on the northwest coast of Java, at the estuary of the River Liwung on Jakarta Bay, designated a special metropolitan district in


( hälē'skō ), state (1990 pop. 5,302,689), 31,152 sq mi (80,684 sq km), W Mexico, bounded on the west by the Pacific. Guadalajara is the capital.

Open Jamaica

( jəmā'kə ), independent state within the Commonwealth (2005 est. pop. 2,732,000), 4,232 sq mi (10,962 sq km), coextensive with the island of Jamaica,

James Bay

Inlet in the southern part of Hudson Bay , northeast Canada, bounded by Québec to the east and Ontario to the west. It extends for approximately 482

Open Jamestown (Va.)
Jamestown (Va.)

Capital of Virginia 1607-1699 Jamestown was the first successful English settlement in North America and the seat of colonial government in Virginia

Jan Mayen

Norwegian volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean, between Greenland and Norway, about 480 km/298 mi north of Iceland; area 380 sq km/147 sq mi. Its radio