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Ibn Saud

(Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud) ĭ'bən säud' , c.1880–1953, founder of Saudi Arabia and its first king. His family, with its regular seat at Riyadh in the Nejd

‘Ich bin ein Berliner’

The city of Berlin was divided after World War II, with the Soviet Union controlling the eastern part of the city and the USA, France, and Great

Iddesleigh, Stafford Henry Northcote, Earl of, 1818-1887

British politician, leader of the Conservative Party 1880–85. He was chancellor of the Exchequer 1874–80 and foreign secretary 1886–87. As party

Open I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream

Martin Luther King was a Baptist minister who became the foremost leader in the US civil-rights movement. King organized the successful Montgomery,

Open Illegal arms transfers
Illegal arms transfers

The selling, buying, and transportation of military technologies and products outside of the world's formal markets, law, and policies is one of the


formal accusation issued by a legislature against a public official charged with crime or other serious misconduct. In a looser sense the term is

Imperial Conference

assembly of representatives of the self-governing members of the British Empire, held about every four years until World War II. The meetings prior to


Imperialism is a form of relationship characterized by conquest, expansion, domination and subjugation. It is a term which represents the interests

Open impressment

forcible enrollment of recruits for military duty. Before the establishment of conscription , many countries supplemented their militia and mercenary


From 1930 to 1972, the United States experienced a relatively stable incarceration rate that hovered between 93 and 137 inmates per 100,000