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the attitude that places special value on ideas and ideals as products of the mind, in comparison with the world as perceived through the senses. In


Ideology is a term widely used in everyday language, in philosophy and literature, and in the social sciences. It is well represented in research in


Imperialism is a form of relationship characterized by conquest, expansion, domination and subjugation. It is a term which represents the interests

Open Inclusive education
Inclusive education

Inclusive education refers to a way of structuring educational services so that all students, regardless of labels or putative disabilities, are


Although individualism is at the heart of the social assumptions that are part of many understandings of contemporary globalization, it is nonetheless

intelligent design

theory that some complex biological structures and other aspects of nature show evidence of having been designed by an intelligence. Such biological


in philosophy, way of knowing directly; immediate apprehension. The Greeks understood intuition to be the grasp of universal principles by the