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Iago (Fictitious character)

Othello 's trusted ancient. Truly evil, he abuses the trust, loyalty and love he gains from others in his burning desire to destroy Othello, his

Icarus (Greek mythology)

Son of the supreme inventor and craftsman DAEDALUS , borne to him by a slave-girl while he was living at the court of MINOS , king of Crete. When

Open Ichthyosaurus

Large aquatic reptile that lived in Mesozoic times and was particularly abundant in the Jurassic period. Fishlike in appearance, averaging 2–3

Open Iconography

( ì´´kŏnŏg'rəfē ) [Gr.,=image-drawing] or iconology [Gr.,=image-study], in art history, the study and interpretation of figural representations,

Open I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream

Martin Luther King was a Baptist minister who became the foremost leader in the US civil-rights movement. King organized the successful Montgomery,

Open I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is her first and most celebrated autobiographical narrative, and its publication in 1970 amounted to an

Open Iliad

The epic poem of 24 books attributed to HOMER (8th century  bc ) recounting the siege of TROY . PARIS , son of P...

Open Immigration

Immigration not only profoundly affects population dynamics but also has far-reaching economic, social, and political consequences for both

Open Immigration in the United States
Immigration in the United States

The process of voluntary migration to the United States during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth

Imperial Conference

assembly of representatives of the self-governing members of the British Empire, held about every four years until World War II. The meetings prior to