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Open Iceland

Island country in the North Atlantic Ocean, situated south of the Arctic Circle, between Greenland and Norway. Government Iceland is a multiparty

Open Idaho

State of northwestern USA, bordered to the east by Montana and Wyoming , to the south by Utah and Nevada , to the west by

Open Iguaçu Falls (Argentina and Brazil)
Iguaçu Falls (Argentina and Brazil)

Meaning “big water” in the language of the Guaraní, Iguaçu Falls (Foz de Iguaçu) is one of the world's largest waterfalls and is located on the

Open Illinois

Midwestern state of the USA, bordered to the east by Indiana , to the southeast by Kentucky , with the Ohio River serving as a boundary, to the west

Illinois Waterway

Historic canal network connecting Lake Michigan with the Mississippi River, a distance of 526 km/327 mi. Construction of this important transportation

Open India

The Republic of India - the world's seventh largest country - extends from high in the Himalayas , through the Tropic of Cancer, to the warm waters of

Open Indiana

Smallest state of Midwestern USA, bordered to the north by Michigan , to the east by Ohio , to the south and southeast by Kentucky , and to the west

Open Indianapolis

State capital and largest city of Indiana , on the White River, 300 km/186 mi southeast of Chicago; seat of Marion County; population (2000 est)

Open Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean

third largest ocean, c.28,350,000 sq mi (73,427,000 sq km), extending from S Asia to Antarctica and from E Africa to SE Australia; it is c.4,000 mi

Open Indochina

Fr. Indochine, former federation of states, SE Asia. It comprised the French colony of Cochin China and the French protectorates of Tonkin , Annam ,