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Open Habeas corpus
Habeas corpus

( hā'bēəs kôr'pəs ) [Lat.,=you should have the body], writ directed by a judge to some person who is detaining another, commanding him to bring the

Habré, Hissein

Context: Other Africa Hissène Habré is a former leader of the African country of Chad, which he ruled from 1982 until deposed in 1990. He was born

Open Hacktivism

Hacktivists is the term used to describe those who engage in hacktivism – acts that combine technologically knowledgeable hack ing techniques with the

Hague, William, 1961-

UK Conservative politician, party leader 1997–2001, foreign and Commonwealth secretary 2010–14, and first secretary of state and leader of the House

Open Haida people
Haida people

Member of an American Indian people who live on the Queen Charlotte Islands , Canada, and islands of southern Alaska. Their language belongs to the

Haider, Jörg (1950 - 2008)

Austrian politician and former leader of the populist Austrian Freedom Party ( Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs ) 1986–2000. He was a controversial

Hailsham of St. Marylebone, Quintin Hogg, Baron, 1907-2001

British Conservative politician and lawyer. Having succeeded as 2nd Viscount Hailsham in 1950, he renounced the title in 1963 to re-enter the House of


The hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and its most elaborate ritual. It is essentially a highly structured pilgrimage to Mecca, where Muslims believe

Hale, Matthew, Sir, 1609-1676

Sir Matthew Hale (1609–1676), a legendary English common-law scholar, was born in Alderley, Gloucestershire, England. Orphaned at the age of five,

Halleck, H. W. (Henry Wager), 1815-1872

Born in Westernville, New York on January 15, 1815, Henry Wager Halleck graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1839 and was