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Open Hallucinations and illusions
Hallucinations and illusions

Hallucinations are involuntary sensory experiences that are perceived as emanating from the external environ-ment, in the absence of stimulation of

Open Hallucinogenic drugs
Hallucinogenic drugs

Hallucinogens are substances known to cause changes in awareness, thought processes, and feelings, thereby altering perception of reality. For

Open Happiness

People often state that they aspire to be happy, and people regularly wish happiness for their loved ones. However, people's intuitive understanding

Harlow, Harry F. (Harry Frederick), 1905-1981

Harry Frederick Harlow, whose innovative studies of love and family propelled him into both fame and controversy, was born Harry F. Israel in the Iowa

Open Health

Term to define state of well-being or absence of illness. Health may be used by people to mean different things, and could be said to mean the

Hebb, D. O. (Donald Olding)

Donald O. Hebb was a Canadian neuropsychologist influential for his ideas regarding how memories are created. Hebb was born in Chester, Canada, on

Helicopter parent

The term helicopter parents became popular in both media and institutions of higher education in the early 2000s, even though it was coined in 1990 by

Helplessness, Learned

Learned helplessness was discovered when researchers immobilized a dog and exposed it to electric shocks that could neither be avoided nor escaped.

Herbart, Johann Friedrich, 1776-1841

Johann Friedrich Herbart is best known for the educational movement known as Herbartianism that took hold after 1865 when Tuiskon Ziller, a professor


A ‘heuristic’ is a strategy that helps make decisions, or discover solutions to problems. What is special about heuristics, though, is that they are a