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Habermas, Jürgen

German philosopher and sociologist, a student of Theodore Adorno. Habermas can perhaps be thought of as a second generation member of the Frankfurt

Haeckel, Ernst, 1834-1919

Place: Germany Subject : biography, biology German zoologist well known for his genealogical trees of living organisms and for his early support of

Hamlyn, Paul

English publishing entrepreneur and founder of the Hamlyn and Octopus houses. Hamlyn famously published intelligence officer Peter Wright's

Hampshire, Stuart, 1914-2004

1914–, British philosopher, grad. Oxford. He taught at Oxford, University College (London), London Univ., and Princeton before joining (1984, emeritus

Open Hand, Learned, 1872-1961
Hand, Learned, 1872-1961

Birth Date: January 27, 1872 Death Date: August 18, 1961 Billings Learned Hand was a jurist who served as a federal district court judge and as a

Handy, Charles B.

Irish management educator and influential writer about organizations. He was a professor at the London Business School for many years from 1972,

Open Happiness

People often state that they aspire to be happy, and people regularly wish happiness for their loved ones. However, people's intuitive understanding

Harris, William Torrey, 1835-1909

As a prominent urban school superintendent and U.S. Commissioner of Education in the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century, William

Hartmann, Nicolai, 1882-1950

( nē'kōlì ), 1882–1950, German philosopher, b. Latvia. He taught at Marburg (1922–25), Cologne (1925–31), Berlin (1931–45), and Göttingen (1945–50).

Open Hartshorne, Charles, 1897-2000
Hartshorne, Charles, 1897-2000

Charles Hartshorne was one of the 20th century's most distinguished philosophers of religion and metaphysicians. He received his Ph.D. at Harvard