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Open Hallucinogenic drugs
Hallucinogenic drugs

Hallucinogens are substances known to cause changes in awareness, thought processes, and feelings, thereby altering perception of reality. For

Open Hantaviruses

any of a genus (Hantavirus) of single-stranded RNA viruses that are carried by rodents and transmitted to humans when they inhale vapors from

Head injury

The skull is a strong container that protects and carefully cushions the valuable contents inside. Head injuries are potentially serious, but few lead

Open Health

Term to define state of well-being or absence of illness. Health may be used by people to mean different things, and could be said to mean the

Open Health care
Health care

Health care refers to services provided by medical professionals aimed at promoting physical and mental welfare, through the prevention, treatment,

Health care delivery

Health care delivery encompasses a complex system in which local, state, national, and international communities provide services that enable people

Open Health economics
Health economics

Health economics is the study of the supply and demand of health and healthcare services. While there are many types of healthcare services, health

Open Health insurance
Health insurance

prepayment plan providing services or cash indemnities for medical care needed in times of illness or disability. It is effected by voluntary plans,

Open Health & Physical Education
Health & Physical Education

Over the last 100 years, the world has become a healthier place to live. Advances in medical science, improved diet, higher living standards, and

Heimlich maneuver

An emergency technique to treat someone who is choking. The rescuer embraces the choking victim from behind, beneath the rib cage, then presses a