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Haarlem (Netherlands)

Industrial city and capital of the province of North Holland, the Netherlands, 20 km/12 mi west of Amsterdam; population (2003 est) 148,000. At

Open Habeas corpus
Habeas corpus

( hā'bēəs kôr'pəs ) [Lat.,=you should have the body], writ directed by a judge to some person who is detaining another, commanding him to bring the

Open Haber, Fritz, 1868-1934
Haber, Fritz, 1868-1934

Place : Germany Subject : biography, chemistry German chemist who made contributions to physical chemistry and electrochemistry, but who is best

Habermas, Jürgen

German philosopher and sociologist, a student of Theodore Adorno. Habermas can perhaps be thought of as a second generation member of the Frankfurt

Haber process

Industrial process in which ammonia is manufactured by direct combination of its elements, nitrogen and hydrogen. The reaction is carried out at

Open Habitat (Ecology)
Habitat (Ecology)

HABITAT IS THE environment in which natural or human species live. In all cases, a habitat is an area where an individual or population exists or can

Habré, Hissein

Context: Other Africa Hissène Habré is a former leader of the African country of Chad, which he ruled from 1982 until deposed in 1990. He was born

Hackman, Gene (Jan 30, 1931 - )

1930- ♦ US actor Born in San Bernardino, California, he was a Marine and had studied journalism before pursuing acting at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Hackney (London, England)

Inner borough of north-central Greater London, including the districts of Shoreditch and Stoke Newington; population (2001) 202,800. Transport,

Open Hacktivism

Hacktivists is the term used to describe those who engage in hacktivism – acts that combine technologically knowledgeable hack ing techniques with the