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Open Gender

The concept of gender relates to the relationships between men and women, and to the way members of society are divided into the two groups based on

Gender equality

Gender equality usually refers to a condition of parity between men and women. However, given the widespread tendency to ascribe different roles and

Open Gender identity
Gender identity

Gender identity is commonly defined as an individual’s sense of being a male or a female. For many, gender identities are aligned with physical sex

Gender pay gap

Women, on average, make less than men, a differential commonly known as the wage gap. Although significant changes in the status of women in society

Open Gender roles
Gender roles

Gender roles consist of shared expectations that apply to individuals on the basis of their socially identified sex. The sharing of gender roles

Open Gender Studies
Gender Studies

Women's studies, gender studies and feminist studies are terms used to describe areas of academic study relating to the social rights and roles of men

Gilman, Charlotte (Anna) (1860 - 1935)

A lifelong activist for liberal causes such as women's rights, Christian socialism, and improved forms of domesticity, Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a

Girl Scouts

recreational and service organization founded (1912) in Savannah, Ga., by Juliette Gordon Low . It was originally modeled after the Boy Scouts and

Open Grimké, Angelina Emily (1805 - 1879)
Grimké, Angelina Emily (1805 - 1879)

As a southern woman who became a leader of the abolitionist movement, Angelina Grimké attracted widespread notoriety by agitating publicly against

Grimké, Sarah Moore (1792 - 1873)

Intelligent, pious, dedicated to justice, and withal a determined lecturer and essayist, Sarah Moore Grimké was a strong foe of southern slavery and a