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I. History of Reference Books II. Types of Reference Resources III. References to Aid in Communication

Genovese, Eugene D., 1930-2012

1930–2012, American historian, b. Brooklyn, N.Y., grad. Brooklyn College (B.A., 1953), Columbia (M.A., 1955; Ph.D., 1959). Known for his penetrating

Gilman, Daniel Coit (1831 - 1908)

1831–1908, American educator, first president of Johns Hopkins Univ. , b. Norwich, Conn., grad. Yale, 1852. After serving as attaché (1853–55) of the


A solid sphere; in geography , the globe refers to the Earth itself or a physical model of it (although the Earth’s actual form as an oblate spheroid


The rules for combining words into phrases , clauses , sentences , and paragraphs . The standardizing impact of print has meant that spoken or