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Open Gang

Gangs composed of young persons, as distinct from organized criminal syndicates, arose in America by the mid-19th century and were a concern for city

Gary, Elbert Henry (1846 - 1927)

1846–1927, American lawyer and industrialist, b. near Wheaton, Ill., grad. Union College of Law, Chicago, 1868. Rising rapidly as a corporation

Open Genocide

For individual persons, in the context of criminal behavior, murder is considered the worst possible crime in those criminal justice systems that rank

Open Ginsburg, Ruth Bader
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader

As a student, law professor, advocate, and judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-) struggled against the legal profession's prevailing institutional

Gore, Jr Al(bert) (1948 - )

US Democratic politician and environmentalist, vice-president 1993–2001. A member of the House of Representatives 1977–85 and senator for Tennessee

Open Government

A political system through which a body of people is administered and regulated. The fundamental purpose of government is to maintain basic security

Open Government & Law
Government & Law

system of social control under which the right to make laws, and the right to enforce them, is vested in a particular group in society. There are many

Open Graffiti

Urban surfaces have always carried unauthorized messages and images—famously, graffiti has been found among the ruins of ancient Pompeii. These

Open grand jury
grand jury

in law, body of persons selected to inquire into crimes committed within a certain jurisdiction. It usually comprises a greater number than the trial,

Open Grotius, Hugo (1583 - 1645)
Grotius, Hugo (1583 - 1645)

( grō'shəs ), 1583–1645, Dutch jurist and humanist, whose Dutch name appears as Huigh de Groot. He studied at the Univ. of Leiden and became a lawyer