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G-8 Summit

An association of seven major industrialized nations of the world whose heads of governments meet annually to coordinate their economic policies. The

Open Gallic Wars
Gallic Wars

( găl'ĭk ), campaigns in Gaul led by Julius Caesar in his two terms as proconsul of Cisalpine Gaul, Transalpine Gaul, and Illyricum (58 B.C.–51 B.C.).


( zhĕmì'əl ), Maronite Christian family active in Lebanese politics; leaders of the Phalange party (1937–82), and later the Phalange militia. Pierre

Gender equality

Gender equality usually refers to a condition of parity between men and women. However, given the widespread tendency to ascribe different roles and


( jē´´nēŏl'əjē, –ăl'–, jĕ– ), the study of family lineage. Genealogies have existed since ancient times. Family lineage was originally transmitted

general strike

sympathetic cessation of work by a majority of the workers in all industries of a locality or nation. Such a stoppage is economic if it is for the

Open Genocide

For individual persons, in the context of criminal behavior, murder is considered the worst possible crime in those criminal justice systems that rank

Open Gentrification

Middle-class settlement in renovated or redeveloped properties in older, inner-city districts formerly occupied by a lower-income population. The

Open Gerontology

Although research into human aging has been conducted sporadically for many years, it is only in the past several decades that it has gained enough

Open ghost dance
ghost dance

American Indian religious revivalist movement that spread through the Plains Indians and other ethnic groups in the 1890s. In January 1889, a Paiute