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G7 (forum)

Group of 7 (G7) is an assemblage of leading industrialized states. These states convene annually to discuss world economic problems. The grouping

G-8 Summit

An association of seven major industrialized nations of the world whose heads of governments meet annually to coordinate their economic policies. The

Gairy, Eric Matthew (1922 - 1997)

Grenadian centre-left politician, chief minister 1957–62 and prime minister 1967–79. Initially a champion of the rural poor, he founded the Grenada

Gaitskell, Hugh (1906 - 1963)

1906-63 English Labour politician Born in London, he was educated at Winchester and at New College, Oxford, becoming a socialist during the 1926

Galbraith, John Kenneth (1908 - 2006)

( găl'brāth ), 1908–2006, American economist and public official, b. Ontario, Canada, grad. Univ. of Toronto (B.S., 1931), Univ. of California,

Gallatin, Albert, 1761-1849

( găl'ətĭn ), 1761–1849, American financier and public official, b. Geneva, Switzerland. Left an orphan at nine, Gallatin was reared by his patrician

Open Gallic Wars
Gallic Wars

( găl'ĭk ), campaigns in Gaul led by Julius Caesar in his two terms as proconsul of Cisalpine Gaul, Transalpine Gaul, and Illyricum (58 B.C.–51 B.C.).

Open Gallipoli campaign
Gallipoli campaign

A naval and military campaign fought between the Ottoman Empire and the attacking forces of the British and French empires between February 1915 and

Galt, Sir Alexander Tilloch (1817 - 1893)

( tĭl'ək gôlt ), 1817–93, Canadian statesman, b. England; son of John Galt. In 1835 he went to Canada in the service of the British American Land

Open Game theory
Game theory

This article presents general historical information on game theory and represents this topic in what is hoped to be language that is easily